Hey, everybody.
My name is PizzaGrenade.

Recently I started to work on my YouTube Channel again and have started a couple series created for people like you.

Right now, since my channel is young, I have only two series' that will be running on my channel.

What Happens on Reach
What Happens on Requiem

These series will be episodes of mini montages featuring videos from the viewers. That's where you come in.

I need submissions.

You can submit any type of video you want.
- Fails
- WTF's
- Lucky Moments
- Pure skill

Submitting is very easy.

1. Just go to Halo 4 or Halo: Reach
2. Find the video or videos you would
like to submit
3. Tag the video WHoR
4. And it's that simple.

Please support me and help me out.

I appreciate it.

For more information, here is my YouTube channel: WHoR - YouTube

Thank you