TLC is a clan dedicated to the pursuit of epic fun whilst playing Halo 4. We realise how much of a bore it can be to be in clans which don't really play games together, or worse yet - play games as a group of individuals instead of as a CLAN. Look no further, you've found your true clan-mates here.

New recruits are put to the test via basic training. You don't need to be amazing at Halo 4 to make it in, but you must generally know how to point your gun at the bad guys and not accidentally hit a clan-mate with a sticky grenade. Yes we like stickies, but preferably when they're pointed at the guys shooting at us.

We are a merit-based clan with a ranking system. Once recruits have passed basic training, they will be promoted. Clan-mates can progress further in the clan by either playing well at Halo 4 or by contributing to the clan community (e.g. being an active member of the forum). By upholding the ethos of 'having epic fun wherever we go', a clan-mate can be sure to work their way up the ranks fast.

Check out our forum and introduce yourself to get the party started:
Trigger Loving Chumps (TLC) forum

Welcome to TLC - where we like to shoot, party and throw stickies.