hello my fellow spartans you are just a few steps away from being accepted into one of the most exclusive halo 4 clan. i am the ranger known as owlfreelancer. i am the co-founder of the clan with the scout wolffreelancer. in this clan there are a variety of roles that you can fulfill. these roles are the main slayer, the objective player, the support player, and the all around player. the main slayer's job is to eliminate as many members of the enemy team so that the other positions can fulfill their roles. the objective player's role is to direct their full attention to whatever objective each match contains(king of the hill, capture the flag, oddball, etc.). the support players role is to "support" the other role's so that they can fulfill their jobs to their full extent. the all around player's job is to perform every single one of the previous roles listed at the right times. the clan will be broken up into teams of four. for each team of four one person will be fulfilling each of these roles. if you want to join this amazing clan you have to fulfill two steps.
1. friend owlfreelancer or wolffreelancer on xbox live( attach a text message to the friend request saying free)
2. complete the trial ( the trials are consisted of different weapons where you then have to come in second to last place in a free for all match. if you don't fulfill that the first time we will select different weapons until you do come in second to last place
to skip the trials and gain other perks subscribe to owlfreelancer on youtube ( i post halo and minecraft games that i know you would enjoy).
if you cannot contact owlfreelancer or wolffreelancer talk to sharkfreelancer.
this clan can be competitive but also knows how to have a good time.