Hey Guys I'm Leader of Resurrected Spartan Veterans(RSV) I'm on the hunt for more members for my clan we not a community clan we are a competitive clan therefore you do have too change your gamertag to have RSV in it and also you must have a mic we look like for all skill sets as you will get better with us over time we also play bigger clans such as KSI,DHG,OG,KOG etc so you get better at weaknesses over time though my training or just by getting use to playing with the clan you can visit are website resurrectedspartanvets.webs.com and if you like to talk to me to get more info or because you like to join us Message me via xbox live my gamertag is my username on here (RSV Onyx Noble) i hope to hear from you soon we are looking to bring in 5-7 new members to the clan